Maicome means 'golden silk.' Genuine gold and silver thread has been used for centuries for special ceremonial garments and for weddings. Maicome imports high quality 24 carat thread from France to produce intricate and durable Lao silk weaving. All items are handwoven on traditional looms using quality silk interwoven with gold and silver. Matmee (ikat) and other techniques are combined to offset each design.

Maicome commenced operations in 1995 in Vientiane, Lao PDR, to meet the growing demand for high quality silk weaving in the international marker. Its founder, Ms Jancome, has years of experience selecting patterns,materials, textures, and hues to complete the artistry of her products. Handwoven silk is becoming rare as many businesses turn to machine looms. Maicome's philosophy ensures the survival of village arts by preserving intricate designs and techniques.

Maicome's products are unique and the quality of material and craftwork is unsurpassed. The combination of traditional patterns, modern designs and colours ensures that each and every piece of work is truly a work of art. Natural and modern dyes are blended to achieve the highest standards of aesthetic beauty. Items may be woven on order to meet specifications, or selected from the range at our Sokpaluang factory and showroom in Vientiane.

We offer a broad range of products including wall hangings, home furnishings, table runners, neckties, clothing and Pasin (Lao traditional skirts).

Maicome employs more than 85 (mostly female) Lao staff from Vientiane, rural, and remote Laos under excellent conditions, providing a stronglivelihood for many families and contributing to the sustainable developmentof the Lao PDR by promoting local products and expertise.

Our main objectives are to:

  • Preserve and promote Lao heritage to the world,
  • Train young Lao women so that they are able to create high quality products from silk weaving, and
  • Promote local employment.
At our showroom we carry handicrafts such as cushion covers, placemats, table-clothe, silk scarves as well as handmade souvenirs. Click here to find out more about our products. You can also consult our staff at the showroom for order-made textile created specially to your taste. Please feel free to contact us for any custom-made textile created specially to your tasts.

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